Ringo2 Robot

$ 119.95

Ringo2 Robot, new and improved version of the original! Arduino based, hackable, open source robot. Includes programmer hardware directly on the robot so no external programmer or ribbon cable is required. Also includes improved IR receiver and motors.  


 USA - Usually ships within 3 business days

International - Ships within 1 1/2 weeks

More information:  www.plumgeek.com

Getting Started with your Ringo: http://www.plumgeek.com/getting-started.html

Ringo Guide, Software, and Pre-Loaded behaviors code: http://www.plumgeek.com/getting-smart.html

Includes the following:

  • 1 Ringo2 robot (fully assembled)
  • 9 Example Behaviors are Pre-loaded on Robot
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • No external programmer required
  • USB port on robot for programming and charging
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE USB CABLE. USB A to Mini-B required (commonly supplied with digital cameras, etc)